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soon… pilates movement dance


We are located in West Toronto in the "Junction Triangle"
on Dupont Street, west of Lansdowne Ave

Drop in for

Just $10 per class!


Saturday Dec 8 6pm-11pm
You are Invited!


weekday evenings and Saturday Morning


Currently Yoga Mix offers basic Yoga classes. Class sizes are not large, so difficulty level can be adjusted to suit whomever is present.  You may let the teacher know what your expectations are.  We are planning an expanded schedule that will offer a variety of classes for opening your body and mind awareness and capabilities.  In future we hope to offer, Pilates, body movement, meditation, and more!

Drop-in 1-hour Yoga classes are weekday evenings at 7:00pm plus two “after work” classes at 5:30pm. We just added Saturday 8am-9am.

Classes are just $10 each (cash)
$12/class if payment by card
10-class pass is $85 - please use within one year.
(all hst included above)

Limitless 31-day pass $99. (plus hst) This gives you access to 22 classes and works out to under $5 per class. We offer this to those who are serious about affecting change and want to attend virtually every day.

Some special workshops will have other rates and separate attendance fees.

The practice space is 25 x 25 feet and can accommodate about 20 people with mats.  The overall facility also has a reception area, change room, washroom and a kitchenette.

If you do not have a mat, you can rent one for $1. You can also rent a towel for $1.

There is a free parking lot right outside our door as we are part of a commercial/industrial mall near Dupont and Symington (west of Lansdowne). Park anywhere except in front of unit garage doors.



Class with Shandi on May 7, 2018


Reach tall and straight and connect to the energy of the universe!


evenings monday to friday & SAturday Mornings


Currently most classes are small (4 to 8 people) and teachers will adapt to the needs of those who attend. Teachers offer basic physical yoga accessible to everyone, with some personal variations.

Watch for Special Event classes at other time listings!
NOTE that Special Events cannot be attended with any form of promotional 3rd party passes.


Saturday Dec 15
8am-9am - Melissa - Regular Hatha Yoga


Monday Dec 17
7-8pm - Liz - Hatha Yoga
8:10-9:10 - Liz - Hatha Yoga

Tuesday Dec 18
*5:30-6:30pm - Amanda - Level 1 Vinyasa
7-8pm - Amanda - Level 1-2 Vinyasa Flow

Wednesday Dec 19
7-8pm - David - All levels Vinyasa adapted

Thursday Dec 20
*5:30-6:30pm - Anna - Fluid Hatha & Vinyasa
   7-8pm - Matthew - Yoga Conditioning (all levels)

Friday Dec 21
7-8pm - Carolyn - Flow Yoga - Vinyasa

Saturday Dec 22
8am-9am Carolyn - Flow Yoga - Vinyasa


Monday, Dec 24 CLOSED

Tuesday Dec 25 CLOSED

Wednesday Dec 26 CLOSED

Thursday Dec 27
   *5:30-6:30pm - Anna - Fluid Hatha & Vinyasa
   7-8pm - Samantha - Hatha Vinyasa flow

Friday Dec 28
7-8pm - Carolyn - Flow Yoga - Vinyasa

Saturday Dec 29
8am-9am - Karrie - Yoga

Monday, Dec 31 CLOSED

Tuesday Jan 1 CLOSED

Wednesday Jan 2
7-8pm - David - All levels Vinyasa adapted


Root yourself to planet Earth and be grounded to your origin.




Robert Bergman is the founder of Yoga Mix. He has been actively practicing yoga since 2010 as well as Aikido since 1981 in which he holds the rank of 4th dan. Robert will occasionally teach an "aiki-yoga" class which is a weaving together of basic Hatha yoga and martial Aikido principles of centering, grounding and focused extenstion.

David Jang

Practicing and teaching since 2003, David shares his love of yoga with his students in a flow practice that integrates breath and movement. David believes that yogic practice can make you a kinder, stronger, more flexible human.

Carolyn O'Neill

I find great peace in teaching and love reaching out and connecting to people through yoga. Practicing since 2004 - teaching since 2010.

Samantha Rojas

I am passionate about sharing my love of Yoga and teach with an authentic and fun approach. I have been practicing since 2010 and teaching since 2016. I am dedicated to creating a nurturing and safe environment for students to support inward focus and exploration of the body, mind and spirit.

Matthew Pierce

I have been teaching since 2013 and received my training at Astangha Yoga in Montreal. I also hold a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Shandi Mitchell

I have a vision where students can learn mindfulness through movement, yoga, and creative expression.

Karrie Sandford

I've been practicing since year 2000, more recently both pilates and yoga have been the backbone of my physical and spiritual wellness routines. I am qualified in Vinyasa, hatha, yin, restorative, and Iyengar styles. At Yoga Mix I offer an accessible stress-busting hybrid class.

Christina Sjoberg

I have been practicing since 2003 and have been intensively involved in teacher training for the last 3 years. I teach hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative, pre/post natal and chair yoga. At Yoga Mix, using Hatha fundamentals – breath, meditation, and poses – my class links postures into a sequence of movements that flow from one to another, promoting a dynamic and relaxing experience. Suitable for all levels, modifications for postures will be provided to invite accessibility as well as growth. Expect to leave class feeling longer, looser, and more relaxed.

Saghi (Sally) Fathi

My style is very Gentle Yoga with easy stretch focusing on breathing and Laughing meditation at the end, so I can be sure all of clients leave the class with a big smile on their face. My classes are dynamic, energetic, compassionate, humorous and fun!

Amanda Caskie

I am an Ashtanga based, Vinyasa Flow certified, instructor. I approach my teaching intelligently and respectfully, incorporating pranayama, movement, meditation, Patanjali's limbs, smart anatomy and utmost respect for the lineage of the practice. My Vinyasa Flow classes are faster paced but accessible to everyone of all levels, as I tailor the class to my practitioners. Linking breath to movement is one of the most amazing experiences. Come flow, let's breath together!

Anna Kroczak

I believe in a calm and focused mind and a wildly joyous body. It is why I’ve shown up on my mat for 13 years and the reason I became a teacher. To me, that is the magic of my practice. In my classes, you’ll find a fluid, sensory- based sequence to ground you in your body, connect you to your strength and clear your mind…set to a thoughtfully curated playlist.

Lee Gelbloom (will join us in future)

I began my Pilates career after 15 years of contemporary dance training. I bring a unique approach to my practice, focusing on precise and concentrated movement, emphasizing moving with fluidity and respecting the body's limits.

Yoga Mix welcomes instructors of yoga and related disciplines to get in touch. Special classes and workshops can be set up in an expanded schedule. Send an email to the website email address, attention Robert.


Be the shape of water and just go where you need to go...




Yoga Mix at Studio Cozy

1444 Dupont Street, unit 6A, Toronto, Canada

From Dupont st. turn north onto Campbell Ave and then immediately turn right into the parking lot.  Now as you proceed, the unit doors on your right, are numbered, and we are at 6A about half way.  Come up the stairs to the 2nd floor.

Take the TTC bus that travels north from Lansdowne station.  Get off at Dupont and walk a couple of minutes west on the north side (under the train overpass) until you get to Campbell Ave.

Or take the TTC bus that departs from Dundas West station and travels north on Symington.  Get off at Dupont and walk east one block to Campbell Ave.

Or take the TTC bus going either east or west along Dupont and get off at Symington and walk east one block on Dupont to Campbell Ave.



YOGA MIX at Studio Cozy
1444 Dupont St, unit 6A
Toronto, Ontario,
Canada M6P 4H3

studio coordinators:
Robert : 416-998-2071
Brock:   416-939-4232
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