evenings monday to friday


Currently Monday through Friday

7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
We will soon add an 8:15 pm class and once attendance is high enough we will be offering early morning classes as well.

Watch for special classes at other time listings!

Upcoming Schedule:

Currently all classes are basic hatha yoga
accessible to everyone, with some personal teaching variations.  The classes are small enough that you can request a level of practice for yourself, either less or more challenging.  In future, special classes will be described with details.

Yoga space door is open from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

7pm Monday Aug 6 - Matt
7pm Tuesday Aug 7 - Amanda
7pm Wednesday Aug 8 - David
7pm Thursday Aug 9 - Samantha
7pm Friday Aug 10 - Saghi (Sally)

7pm Monday Aug 13 - Christina
7pm Tuesday Aug 14 - Karrie
7pm Wednesday Aug 15 - David
7pm Thursday Aug 16 - Matthew
7pm Friday Aug 17 - Saghi (Sally)

7pm Monday Aug 20 - Shandi
7pm Tuesday Aug 21 - Karrie
7pm Wednesday Aug 22 - David
7pm Thursday Aug 23 - Samantha
7pm Friday Aug 24 - Carolyn