This is a private page for iNSTRUCTORS

To see a list of scheduled instructors go to the CLASSES page.

This is a reference page that sets out the present standards of operation.  If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, email Robert.  There is no published link to this page - please do not share it.

• Please stick to fairly regular hatha yoga for now, generally at a beginner or intermediate level - we want it to be accessible and enjoyable to beginners.  Later when there are more classes we can specify other things.

• We will expand class times available beyond the weeknight 7pm once we have enough students and interest.

• When you are scheduled to teach, please arrive at least 15 minutes before class.  If you have an unexpected problem and cannot make it, call Robert immediately 416 998 2071 - it may be possible to get a replacement in.

• We will have someone available every class to greet arrivals and take payments, so instructors will not have to deal with this.

• Instructors will be paid by the studio $5 cash per every attending student at the end of the class.  This includes Anyone getting a "free" class (or other discount, like Groupon)

• If no students show up, Instructor will get paid $5 (to help with the costs of transport to the studio)

• Instructors may attend any other classes for just $5 per class (this is given to the teacher). This is provided they have actually taught a class at YogaMix in the previous 8 weeks.

• Instructors may privately rent the studio space for their own yoga (etc) class, perhaps a special event, at any time or date that suits them and is available.  What you charge your attendees is up to you and does not involve YogaMix.  The published rate is $35/hr to rent from Studio Cozy.  Your rate would be $30/hr provided a minimum of 2 hours is booked.

 • Special Events can also be done in partnership with Yoga Mix where the admission fee is split.