This is a private page for teachers

To see a list of scheduled instructors go to the CLASSES page.

This is a reference page that sets out the present standards of operation.  If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, email Robert.  There is no published link to this page - please do not share it.

• Please stick to fairly regular hatha yoga for now, generally at a beginner or intermediate level - we want it to be accessible and enjoyable to beginners.  Later when there are more classes we can specify other things.

• You may play music in the background but please keep it at a very low volume and choose music with a slow tempo and no lyrics. It is okay to have no music - some students prefer that!

• Teachers are required to carry their own yoga teacher insurance and must provide the studio with a copy (can email a pdf file). Please keep up to date yearly.

• We will expand class times available beyond the current schedule once we have enough students and interest.

• When you are scheduled to teach, please arrive at least 15 minutes before class.  If you have an unexpected problem and cannot make it, call Robert immediately 416 998 2071 - it may be possible to get a replacement in.

• We will have someone available every class to greet arrivals and take payments, so instructors will not have to deal with this.

• Instructors will be paid by the studio $5 cash per every attending student at the end of the class.  This includes Anyone getting a "free" class (or other discount, like Groupon)

• If no students show up, Instructor will get paid $5 (to help with the costs of transport to the studio)

• Instructors may attend any other classes for just $5 per class (this is given to the teacher). This is provided they have actually taught a class at YogaMix in the previous 8 weeks.

• Instructors may privately rent the studio space for their own yoga (etc) class, perhaps a special event, at any time or date that suits them and is available.  For details about the financial arrangement for that please contact Robert.